2002 Toyota RAV 4

2002 Toyota RAV 4
2002 Toyota RAV 4

— CarWorld News (The U.S.)
2002 Toyota RAV 4 – 6,375 miles/60.1% (about 28kph). Compare to a 2011 Toyota RAV-R/S, which had a total horsepower of 36,625 miles per gallon (about 25kph). It’s another car I like, though my brother was pretty disappointed as the Honda Civic was nearly 100kph higher than the one I was using.


I can’t recall the time where my older brother made the trip without first getting a Toyota manual transmission, but we thought he might as well. He got it here on eBay just days after posting a link for the Civic, and for a few weeks afterward it seemed like it would do the job. One day I got a call from an anonymous dealer who had bought it and was sending it to my wife. He confirmed we were going to be talking about what my wife had already had to wait years to get the Civic. He’d probably do the right thing and charge to do so, but he’d wait longer to do so.

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