2010 jeep cherokee

2010 jeep cherokee
2010 jeep cherokee
A little over 8000 km passed. Jeep Cherokee KK conquers more and more every day, I’m glad that I didn’t “peck” on the Prado. Dynamics, acceleration, start, in short, all the dynamic qualities are just on top. 460 Nm of torque is something, believe me. The box is awesome. Ergonomics may be a little “pumping up”, but all the qualities listed earlier more than cover all the shortcomings. I would like a little more roomy trunk, but boxing under the armrest helps out. Special thanks to the Americans for the almost silent diesel engine (however, you can hear a little “on the cold”), before that there was a diesel VW – a tractor sound, the Mercedes has the same problem. And, of course, “respect” for the excellent wipers and the washer robot algorithm. But the rear window of the Jeep Cherokee KK gets dirty very quickly in the rain or on a wet track. Now, about the expense: the city is 11.5 – 12-5 (sometimes it reached 13 liters). I often drive along the highway, so I can give a detailed layout: 90 km / h – 8l; 110 km / h – 9l; 130 km / h – 9.6 l 150 km / h – 10.5 l – indicators, of course, for the summer period. By the way, I passed the first small maintenance for 5000 km – 4000 rubles, the second for 12000, and then every 10000.
Advantages: there are no equals in this class – this is my opinion, do not take it for dogma.
Cons: price.
So: Jeep Cherokee KK is noisy, but you quickly get used to it; excellent visibility, high seating position, fairly quick acceleration, adequate suspension, good cross-country ability, although I’m not specifically looking for “adventures”. But confidence in the choice of directions appeared. I got used to ergonomics pretty quickly. There are small comments on the “climate”, the windows in the “auto” mode are frosted over. Electric seat adjustment. Large loading height of the trunk, glove compartment “no”. Here, in general, and all the shortcomings. We have enough space in the Jeep Cherokee KK, everyone likes the car. The exterior does not conflict with the interior. On the seat, you can fidget and scratch your back. In short, after 4 years of pangs of choice, spending money, hopes, after throwing between brands and types of cars, I suddenly realized that this was mine. And I felt light and calm. Therefore, I am writing a review so early, otherwise the impressions will become dull, and there will be laziness, or maybe I’ll say goodbye to auto sites in general, there are too many criticisms that are not relevant. I will not advise Jeep Cherokee KK to anyone, I risk hearing a lot of new words both about the car and about myself.
Pros: cars for men. https://cars45.co.tz/listing/jeep/cherokee/2010
The Jeep Cherokee is a classic all-wheel drive SUV manufactured by a division of the American concern Chrysler, which specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The 2007 model year Cherokee family of mid-size all-wheel drive (KK body) has been significantly upgraded. The wheelbase has been increased from the previous 2649 to 2695 mm, which resulted in a change in the overall length of the body from 4430 to 4493 mm. Significantly redesigned front and rear suspension, modernized transmission. The class of body equipment has been upgraded, and for a surcharge, you can now order a Sky Slider sliding fabric roof, which turns the station wagon into a convertible with a powerful safety cage. The basic equipment of the Jeep Cherokee KK includes: a light sensor, cruise control, climate control, ParkTronic, a lot of electric drives. Interior trim materials – leather and high-quality plastic.
There are only three modifications of the Jeep Cherokee KK: with a 177-horsepower diesel engine (2.8 l), with a 200-horsepower diesel engine (2.8 l) and a 3.7-liter V-shaped gasoline unit. The main advantage of a diesel engine is first of all efficiency. Combined fuel consumption is just 7.9 l/100 km. All Jeep Cherokee KK vehicles are equipped with the unique “Selec Trac” all-wheel drive system, which ensures confident traction on any type of surface.