Honda Cars in Kenya

Honda Cars in Kenya
Honda Cars in Kenya


Makhkajo, an African giant, came to Africa from Zimbabwe in the fall of 1960. His family moved to Kenya when he was 7, and they went to school there. The group of kids were not allowed to leave the schools, so Makhkajo attended an elementary school for the next 10 years until 1970, when he was 12. The school is now in Makhkajo’s home town in the village of Rochmahanga. He says education is hard and he is frustrated because his family cannot pay the school fees.

“The money is not paid. I don’t think there will be any more. We will be in another school that will have free education for the rest of the year, so the money won’t go to our school for the rest of the same year,” Makhka says, talking about his daughter’s schooling. His life turned from a simple life to a complex one, and his daughter is already married to Makhkajo’s sister. “Makhkajo’s family is poor. He has to pay for the family’s food and water. He owes them $10,000,” says Makhkajo’s sister, A.M., who moved to America to learn English in high school in the 1980s. In his young years, she helped Makhkajo make a decision to live a
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Here are some quotes and images from Honda’s first car in the US:

“The Japanese firm unveiled its new MotoGP car in India in March 2012, at the end of a four-day stint that saw it enter development in China with five-year contracts. Honda Motor-Tec, the Japanese carmaker which made the Moto2 and Moto3 vehicles, now joins two other Japanese carmakers in the group: BMW and GM. Nissan’s new Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, known as the NX-GT , is set to be unveiled later this year in India with a price tag of USD 1,100,000. A Ford Crown Victoria will also be unveiled in the works. Last but not least, Honda recently signed a deal with the automaker to introduce a range of other cars globally, beginning in India and the US, where they are starting the next phase of operations. The NX-GT has been hailed as the next step in Japanese production of electric cars. The company says plans by Ford for its next generation car would bring it to the market from the outset in 2013.”

The Mazda XJ

It has been a busy year for the Japanese carmaker for that is the last part of 2013. It has made significant changes with the MX-5 Miata and is based on the M-Pro5 model. A further update of the company’s Miata models is expected to reach the market some time in 2014,