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Office For Rent In
Office For Rent In Oakland And San Francisco: Rent Free

Liz, a resident of Richmond, moved from Oakland in 2002 to San Francisco in 2010. She now works at a company that rents out her apartment to make rent payments at about the same rate as her rent in San Francisco.

“I have a home right now in San Francisco. It sits empty,” she said after hearing her story.

According to the landlord, after her tenant moved to San Francisco, she complained with an angry email telling her that her property is being moved and that she has to move back.

“I’m so upset that this isn’t taking place now. But there’s no way these people can just send my property back to the landlord’s for what it was for. They couldn’t have done that to my family or myself,” she said.

I’ve been evicted from my home here, and I’m going to move from the city. I’ve just had to move for nothing. I can’t afford an apartment in Oakland, and I’m not doing anything to make money, I’m not sleeping well, living on my back, and the government doesn’t work as its usual course. https://t.co/zm6xhvwXV7 — Mia Jones (@Miya_Jones) August 18, 2017 https://jiji.co.ke/ngong/commercial-property-for-rent/office-for-rent-in-ngong-dTtwNQ6AjmE9OGtigcLqZQby.html
I contacted the landlord, and he said we have to move so that we won’t be pushed and harassed when we move