Smart Watch

Smart Watch
Smart Watch
Smart Watch for Windows (4.3.1655.6312)

The Watch App can now be open in multiple windows thanks to its support for both native and interactive scrolling and displays of notifications.

Google Now (2.23.1343.1007)

The Google Now Launcher replaces it in its entirety and gives the user quick access to the apps they are looking for. Google Now has two main functions:

Keep your Google account up to date with upcoming events or searches

Have an official Android app that you can integrate into your home screen by entering your Google account settings

Search on your favorite Google search and search results

Go to the home screen or search through a number of Android apps

Google Hangout (2.14.4242.3024)

Google has added integration that allows members to access Hangouts notifications for themselves within Google Play Store.

Note: Your notifications will no longer be placed on the Notification Center.

Search History (2.14.4711.5272)

You can now browse search history through your profile screen and the web interface provided by Google for Google Now. The search history displayed in the profile will not take effect when you hit “Next”. https://jiji.ng/gwarinpa/watches/smart-watch-5bkHdJpa8xZ5Y1zWihfGbgBD.html
Other improvements

Siri Search (2.12.3933.3583)

Support for Siri is available from the Google app store on Android devices running Android 4.2 or better